You can send a file for printing or getting an estimate in the following ways:

- Email
- Use Our Order Site
- Using the Katy PDF print driver to create a pdf and send it to us
- Click on Send Us A File



You can email your file to us as an attachment. The best tyoe of file to send is a pdf. If the application in which you created your document does not support saving or exporting as a pdf, see the section below entitled, “Using Katy PDF print driver.”

Use Our Order Site:

If your file is too large to send via email, click on the icon in the above labeled "Send Us a File". This will take you to our Order Desk website.

1. Click on “Send Files & Orders.
2. Click on “Send a File.”
3. Fill in your job specifications and your contact information. (If you register as a customer, you don't have to fill out the contact info every time you use our order site).
4. Click the "+Add Files" button to select your file(s) for sending.
5. Click “Send.” When we receive your file, we will contact you and verify your order. You can call to alert us of your file’s pending arrival if you wish.

Using the Katy PDF print driver to create a pdf and send it to us:

1. Click on the link, “Click here to send us a file.
2. Register as a customer by using your email address and creating a password.
3. Download and install the “Katy PDF” print driver.
4. Open the document you want to send us and select file: print.
5. In the dropdown list near the top of the print dialog box, select “Katy PDF” as your printer.
6. Click “Print.”
7. Your default internet browser will open. Log in and choose “Printing.”
8. Click the “Send” button. A file will be created with the file extension “lch,” and your computer will ask what you want to do with it; click “open.”
9. Your document will be converted to a pdf and you will be emailed a link through which you can view a pdf proof of the job you printed to us.

It is a good idea to call us at 281-391-7072 to let us know that you are sending a job so we can watch for it and give it prompt attention.


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